Remembering Strawberry Fields

The joy that comes from success, the despair that arises from isolation and failure—these feelings will be familiar to anyone who has ever tried to pursue that elusive, time-honored thing, the American Dream. Mary E. Matury Gibson’s first memoir, Remembering Strawberry Fields, beautifully capture the struggles of growing up as a first-generation American.Ranging from her father’s fascinating life as a Sicilian movie star to Gibson’s attempts to cope with feelings of isolation and loneliness in their rural Midwest town , Remembering Strawberry Fields present and engaging drawn portrait of one family, their daughter, and their attempts to chase the American Dream

Mary E. Matury Gibson

Category: A Memoir

ISBN 978-0-9863478-0-1 (Hardback) Export Edition $ 29.99
ISBN 978-0-9975223-2-7 (Softcover) $ 22.99
Pages 430

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