MAGYKA, The Fifth Element

At the beginning of the novel, orphan Jack Greyman is reunited with his long-lost brother, Colin. Colin reveals that their ancestors have the ability to manipulate the four elements of the earth through a particular gene in their lineage called “Magkya.” Times are desperate because Jack and Colin’s cousin Aurelio, who also possesses the gene, is threatening the safety of the entire world. Jack, his best friend Grace, and Colin are the only ones capable of stopping the terror that their cousin plans to unleash.

About the Author: TAaron
Thomas R. Aaron is a seventh grader who was born and raised in Georgia, where he currently resides. He was only eleven years old when he began to write the story of Magkya. Thomas completed the work within a year, all the while juggling school, friends, and extracurricular activities. He started inventing elaborate stories involving fantasy and reality when he was a toddler, which earned him the nickname “The Story Teller” among his family. Thomas has always excelled in writing and is an avid piano player. He is a seasoned traveler and enjoys reading and learning about history. MAGYKA: The Fifth Element is his first published work.

Category: Fantasy Fiction
Pages: 294
Hardcover Edition: ISBN 978-0-9916030-1-5 ($21.95)
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