Lost In Wildcat Cove

LostInWildcatCove_artwork2Lost in Wildcat Cove is the first book in an educational series based on the Early Childhood Learning Expectations and the Common Core curriculum. The series, The Critters of Wildcat Cove, was written by Sandra Cook, an early childhood educator with 45 years of experience and a doctorate in curriculum development and specialist certification in reading. This series was developed as a tool to help parents and educators foster emergent reading strategies in children from Pre-K to third grade. Each book focuses on a hot topic in education and provides character-building insight. Lost in Wildcat Cove is a sweet story that will teach young readers about tolerance, friendship, confidence, and how to deal with bullies.


A brave little chipmunk named Chippy lived with his mother and siblings in a quiet cove in the Lake of the Ozarks. The shoreline of the cove was surrounded by plenty of trees and lots of ground for the critters who lived there to roam.

Being the brave chipmunk that he was, Chippy left the safety of his burrow to explore the world outside, but soon found that he did not know his way home.

Chippy came across other critters that lived in the cove: a not very nice snake named Simon, a mother groundhog named Greta, and a turtle named Timmy.

Along his journey, Chippy learned the value of friendship and that you must stand up and face your fears to help a friend.

SandraCook3About the Author: As an early childhood educator and curriculum specialist, Ms. Cook has a passion for creating stories that partner well with all early childhood standards.

Ms. Cook has worked with children from birth through sixth grade for over fifty years. She has dedicated her life to building lifelong readers. Her passions for reading and animals inspired her to create the setting for her book series. Chippy, a brave little chipmunk, learns the value of friendship through his journey around the cove.

As teachers use this story in their classroom curriculum or parents read this story to their children, Ms. Cook’s hope is that children will learn the value of being kind, and that kindness and tolerance are much better than bullying others because of their differences.

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