Life is Beautiful: How a Lost Girl Became a True, Confident Child of God

LIB_CoverWhile on a mission’s trip in Guatemala, a small Cessna Caravan’s engine blows. The Cessna crashes in a remote village, leaving eleven of the fourteen passengers dead.

One passenger, Sarah, shares her story… but this is more than just a story of an airplane crash.

Life is Beautiful shares Sarah’s father’s struggle with drug use. His recovery and determination to find redemption by taking in Sarah’s dying aunt and by doing mission work in Africa eventually lead their family to the mountains of Guatemala.

Sarah also discusses the deaths of her father and brother, her mother’s extreme physical and emotional injuries, and her own struggles with alcoholism and depression. After hitting rock bottom, it is not until Sarah starts seeking God through prayer, books, and therapy that she starts to turn her life around.

Life is Beautiful is a unique story that shows the strength of God’s Will. Follow Sarah’s path of self-discovery in accepting this new life, a true testimony of God’s love for His people.

When we seek spiritual journey and connection with God, He gives back love, happiness, and forgiveness.

smauthorAbout the Author: Sarah M. Johnson recently graduated with her Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. Sarah is devoted to her True Purpose, which is using her story to bring hope and peace to others who are currently suffering. Sarah is married with two children, and currently resides in Minnesota.

ISBN Hardcover:  978-1-63047-488-1 ($38.95)

ISBN Softcover:  978-1-63047-486-7 ($17.95)

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