Strategic Partners


Hamilton Rand Publishers is a division of a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501 ( c ) (3) Corporation. We believe that US corporations have a civic responsibility to contribute to the educational and social well-being of America’s multicultural society, the primary source of their corporate profits.

Social responsibility investments are an opportunity to invest in sponsoring literary talents who have contributed to advancing the arts throughout America’s history and will continue to do so into the future.

Corporations are invited to invest in scholarships for our future authors, allowing them to:

  • Attend writers capacity building conferences
  • Attend regional and international book exhibits and general public exhibits
  • Attend presentations of their works to major US book distributors
  • Meet and negotiate with literary rights buyers in foreign countries to allow works published in the US to be translated into other languages

Investors will be acknowledged in digital and print media worldwide.

Strategic Partners

Hamilton Rand Publisher’s leadership asks corporations for their involvement in helping to build a foundation for creating collaborative solutions to US financial illiteracy—the root of family and social problems.